Grow Better Together

Ministry Boost offers coaching for ministry leaders through Mastermind Groups. Mastermind Groups meet on live video calls every other week for a period of 5 months.


The term “mastermind group” may be new to you, but the concept is simple. It’s a group of leaders, who serve in a similar context, who gather together via live video calls to:

  • Share ideas
  • Exchange resources
  • Provide and receive accountability
  • Learn from one another

All of it happens in the context of the community that is formed among the group. In fact, most people who have participated in a mastermind group would say the relationships are the thing they valued the most.


These mastermind groups include:

  • Bi-weekly video calls as a group (60 minutes)
  • A private Facebook Group for interaction between calls
  • Two 1-on-1 coaching calls with your host
  • Access to your group host and peers throughout


Unlike coaching networks, mastermind groups are not primarily driven by the facilitator teaching content. That is a great model. Mastermind groups, on the other hand, are designed more for everyone to learn from each other. These groups will have some specific content taught from the facilitators, but most of the calls involve learning from members in the group.

During that element of a typical call, 2-3 leaders will be put on the “hot seat”. While on the hot seat, they’ll answer 3 questions that will each be discussion points for the group:

  1. What is going well in your ministry? – This is where we can learn from them and “borrow” (okay, steal) their ideas/resources.
  2. What is a challenge or barrier you’re facing? – This is where everyone else helps them (others who have the same barrier are helped as well).
  3. What is a resource that’s been helpful to you that you can share? – This is a chance to hear about a tool/resource you may not know about.

In our experience, the majority of the group benefits from each question even when they’re not on the hot seat. One of the great things about these groups is our similar contexts makes most of the discussion applicable to everyone. There’s more to each call, but that’s what is unique about the mastermind format.

    Max of 15 Per Group | Private Community | Practical Resources
    1-Hour Calls Bi-Weekly | Idea Sharing | 5 Months Long


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