Upgrade Your Environments

Digital Signage in Your Lobby space

Put your content on TVs in your lobby and common areas following a schedule that you create

Play Content In Your Children's Ministry

Play images, audio, or video in your children's ministry environments without additional software

Stream Live Content Anywhere you want

Stream your service or other live content to TVs in other rooms or spaces in your church

Remind Families of Upcoming Events at Check-IN

Play slides, silent videos, and even videos with audio to remind parents about what's coming up

Upgrade Your Environments

How does it work?

Runs On Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Step 1: Get an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV for Each TV You Will Use

Step 2: Sign Up and Activate Your Account

Step 3: Load and Schedule Your Content Through the Website

Step 4: Use the App on the Fire Stick/TV to Display the Content You Scheduled

Fire TV Stick 4K

The simplest solution is to get a Fire TV Stick 4K and turn any existing TV into one of your digital signs

TV With Fire TV 4K Built-In

Get a TV with the required version of Fire TV built-in, especially if you don't already have the TVs you need



How long is the commitment? Can I cancel any time?

You may cancel at any time with no additional financial commitment.

Does it work without internet access?

Yes, with a caveat. Internet access will be required to initially set it up and for it to download the media you want to show on that device. The Firestick will “cache” (save) what is downloaded and will be able to play it without internet access. The best solution is to provide internet access when you first turn it on (possibly via hotspot) so it can update itself with your latest media and settings and then it can run without internet access. 

Can I run multiple TVs off of one device?

If you have multiple TVs that you wish to show the exact same media on (with the same schedule), you could potentially use a splitter to send the same signal to all of them from one Firestick device and one screen subscription. 

Does it only work with Amazon Firestick?

Yes, and it must be a Firestick 4K. 

Can I use a remote to manually show content?

The digital signage app only allows you to show the content you schedule and cannot be controlled manually via remote. However, another app on the Firestick that we highly recommend will allow you to play audio/video/image content using the remote easily. This is a great option for playing videos/music in rooms where you don't need scheduled content.

Upgrade Your Environments