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Access 30+ on-demand ministry Courses to grow your knowledge and systems

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Leading and growing a healthy ministry is hard for a number of reasons... 

  • We don't have enough time each week
  • Ministry never is never finished or completed
  • We may not be connected with leaders outside our church
  • We may not have been trained for the actual job
  • There aren't enough volunteers to free us up to lead
  • Systems aren't in place and there isn't time to create them

We can feel overwhelmed and frustrated, but it doesn't have to stay that way

As pastors, we understand what it’s like to feel stuck as we try to make progress on our own, which is why our goal is to help 100,000 leaders develop their ministry

Church Leaders helped So Far


  • 30+ Courses
  • Bonus New Digital Church Course
  • 4 Ministry Resource Bundles
  • Private Community
  • Exclusive access to Zoom calls
  • Discounts on Coaching (or free coaching)
  • Free access to new releases

Over $2,500 in courses and resources (and growing!)


(plus new courses that release regularly)

The Volunteer Playbook - $99

A 10-part course to help you recruit, train, and retain volunteers in your ministry. Give your volunteer recruiting a boost.

The Volunteer Pipeline - $49

A fully-developed volunteer onboarding system that will help you retain more of the volunteers you recruit while placing them in their best fit.

Implementing a Coaching Structure - $149

This course will help you create a structure of coaches who lead teams of volunteers to own ministry areas.

The Ministry Advantage - $49

The Ministry Advantage is a collection of our favorite productivity habits and hacks that will help you get more done in less time.

Volunteer Boost - $37

Volunteer Boost is a NEW course...well, actually, it's a 28-Day Challenge to help you recruit MORE volunteers through a proven system.

+ over 25 more courses to grow your leadership and your ministry


(and new ones launching every quarter)

Ministry Box Bundle - $99

The Ministry Box Bundle includes everything you need to put your ministry "in a box" to serve families at home. You get this bundle instantly with membership.

New Family Retention Bundle - $99

The New Family Retention Plan is a 5-Part Framework to help your church retain MORE new families. You get this bundle instantly with membership.

The Volunteer Bundle - $99

The Volunteer Bundle includes handbooks, job descriptions, coach documents, and more and it will release to members in November.

Christmas & Advent Bundle - $99

The Christmas & Advent Bundle is a collection of intentional resources to help families celebrate advent and Christmas together.

The Easter Bundle - $99

The Easter Bundle contains 8 resources you can use to engage families this Easter season, including EASTERrific Faith Adventures, Glow Egg Hunt Event, Easter Card Design files and more.

$496 in Resource Bundles with new bundles releasing every quarter


Volunteer Huddle Archive

The Volunteer Huddle Archive includes 9 months of content you can use in your volunteer huddles.

Discover Group Kit

A 6-week class you can lead to help volunteers, or anyone, discover how God wired them and can use them in ministry.

Ultimate Ministry Internship Guide

A plan to strategically invest in the next generation of ministry leaders with processes, documents, and more.

Ministry Mixtape

Ministry Mixtape includes several playlists for ideas and inspiration. 

COVID-19 Family Ministry Road Map

Practical ideas and tools to help you navigate the COVID-19 reality.

+ 2 NEW Courses

Volunteer Boost is a 28-Day Challenge to recruit MORE volunteers. It's brand new and you'll get access with membership.

The challenge includes teaching content via video, daily emails, and a proven strategy you can implement to recruit volunteers every week.

Jump in, start the following Monday, and see how many volunteers you can recruit in 28 days!

Frequency Boost Volunteer Commitment

Frequency is a BRAND NEW course that will launch March 15 and it's all about boosting volunteer commitment. Frequency will give you a strategy to help volunteers move from serving once a month...

to twice a month... and twice a month... to weekly!

Become a member now and get access to Frequency early (before it's open to the public) AND get access to live Q&A conversations each week.

Ministry Boost App

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Engage with Ministry Boost content on your computer, tablet, or even on your phone with the app. Just download the Kajabi app and login to your account.

Your Ministry Growth Plan


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If I cancel my membership after 6 months, will I have access to the course content?

All course documents and files can be downloaded and saved, but access to the teaching content will expire. If you choose to purchase a course individually, however, you have access to that course for as long as Ministry Boost exists.

Will my membership/subscription price increase?

Your membership price will not increase as long as your account remains active and in good standing.

Once the 6 months are up, will my membership continue?

Yes, once your initial 6-month membership is up, you'll automatically stay subscribed and pay monthly until you cancel.

If I get access for 3 users, can I switch who those users are during the membership?

No. Each individual will create their own account in the Ministry Boost platform and their account can only be used by them.