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Step 2: Get Your Customized Ministry Growth Plan

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Step 1: Get Access to Ministry Boost Membership


Step 2: Get Your Customized Ministry Plan

Step 3: Develop & Grow Your Ministry

Leading and growing a ministry is challenging

We don't have enough time each week to get everything done

There aren't enough volunteers to free us up to build the ministry

We can feel like we're alone and disconnected from other leaders

Nobody taught us how to recruit volunteers using a system that works

We want to build something better but we can't start from scratch

We can feel overwhelmed and frustrated, but it doesn't have to stay that way

Our goal is to help 100,000 leaders recruit enough volunteers and build thriving family ministries

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What you get with access to Ministry Boost Membership

  • 25+ Courses on Volunteers, Leadership, Children's, & Youth Ministries
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Ministry Boost Membership

What others are saying

“If you need volunteers (who doesn’t?) this will fast track you and give you access to people, tools, and resources you need to build a volunteer culture and help you recruit and retain like never before.”

Scott Wright
NextGen Pastor | Northwood Church

“Even if you feel you don't have time to take on something extra, you need to make time. This will set your ministry up for success for years to come.”

Andrea Goslee
Kids Pastor | Rivers Crossing Church

“I have a plan & process – that is huge. I won't be losing people in the mix and I feel less overwhelmed knowing the process. I'm excited.

Michelle Lussier
Kids Minister | Grant Memorial

“Do it! Even if you've been in ministry leadership for a long time, there is something you can learn that will help level up your recruitment game!

Christy Moody
Kids Minister | New View Church

The value provided is over and beyond the price. You could take any week of a course and have the provided value exceed the price you pay.”

Gordon Lanpher
Children's Pastor | Parkside Church

“Completely changed my thought process & has now given us a tangible way to effectively recruit.”

George Vasquez
Associate Pastor | Good Shepherd Community Church

“Recruiting volunteers is probably one of the biggest challenges in children's ministry – it's very worthwhile to carve out the time and prioritize building your volunteer team! This gives you the structure, tools, resources, and motivation to design a recruiting system that works for you!”

Jodi Fox
Director of Children's Ministry | Virginia Beach United Methodist Church

When you partner with Ministry Boost,
you Recruit More Volunteers

Ministry Boost has helped thousands of church leaders grow their volunteer teams using our courses and resources. Our framework will work for you too.



If I cancel my membership after 6 months, will I have access to the course content?

All course documents and files can be downloaded and saved, but access to the teaching content will expire. If you choose to purchase a course individually, however, you have access to that course for as long as Ministry Boost exists.

Will my membership/subscription price increase?

Your membership price will not increase as long as your account remains active and in good standing.

Once the 6 months are up, will my membership continue?

Yes, once your initial 6-month membership is up, you'll automatically stay subscribed and pay monthly until you cancel.

If I get the team membership, how do I add my team members?

When you register, you'll get a link in your confirmation email that allows you to add your team members. You can use that same link whenever you need to add a team member.