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Recruiting volunteers is a challenge, but it's not impossible. This framework will give you a plan you can follow to recruit volunteers in any church context.

5 Steps to Recruit Volunteers in Church

What Other Church Leaders Have Said

Below, you'll find feedback from a few of the hundreds of church leaders that have used one of our courses, Volunteer Boost, to recruit volunteers. This 5 Steps Free Training shares a simplified version of what's taught in that course… and it's free.

Be passionate and constant with recruitment! I should always be asking and have a clear plan for following up, offering orientations, and onboarding. You will love it! This challenge is practical and doable. But, above all, it works!!!!


Volunteer Boost

Completely changed my thought process & has now given us a tangible way to effectively recruit. Do it! Don't try to re-invent the wheel.”


Volunteer Boost

I now understand the importance of clarity and processes – setting and tracking goals. Having support in setting up those systems is priceless! I appreciate the forms and samples! I loved the workbook!”


Volunteer Boost