Ministry Boost provides training, coaching, and consulting for leaders in:

  • Children’s Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Family Ministry
  • NextGen










Ministry Boost provides training in a variety of formats designed around the topics ministry leaders care about most

Volunteer Recruitment

Build a volunteer recruitment strategy that actually works

Preschool Ministry

Re-imagine and re-define the role of a Preschool Director 

Partnering With Parents

Create a comprehensive strategy to partner with parents

Onboarding Volunteers

Create a solid process for onboarding volunteers.

Implementing Coaches

Create a leadership structure that scales your ministry

Ministry Hacks

Improve quality and accomplish more ministry in less time

Align Your NextGen Team

Take the steps necessary to get everyone on the same page

Small Groups Strategy

Establish effective small groups for kids and students


Ministry Boost will offer coaching for ministry leaders in partnership with YouLead Coaching. You can choose the group that fits you best and a free Ministry Boost Training Course will be included in every Coaching membership.

Children's Ministry

YouLead Coaching groups for leaders in Kidmin 

NextGen Ministry

YouLead Coaching groups for leaders in NextGen, overseeing staff from cradle to college

Women in Ministry

YouLead Coaching groups for women serving in a church or para-church organization

Student Ministry

YouLead Coaching groups for leaders in Youthmin

Multisite Ministry

YouLead Coaching groups for leaders serving in a multisite ministry context


If you're looking for help beyond training and coaching for yourself, you may be interested in a Ministry Boost consulting relationship. With consulting, you get access to training and coaching, and someone from our team will work with you to help you create a strategic plan. Consulting services include:

  • Health Assessment
  • Ministry Evaluation
  • Staff & Structure Review (if you have multiple staff)
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation and Coaching

If you're interested, contact us. 




FREE Online Event – watch now!

Ministry Boost is hosting a FREE online training event for NextGen Ministry leaders on Thursday, August 23 from 1-4PM EDT. You’ll experience 6 practical sessions on key family ministry topics:

  • Barriers to Volunteer Recruitment
  • Partnering With Parents
  • Aligning Your NextGen Team
  • Empowering Volunteers to Lead Like Staff
  • Creating a Culture of Students Serving
  • IMPLEMENTING Small Groups for Kids & Students