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Free Webinar: Empower Volunteers to Lead Like Staff: Volunteers who lead as coaches in your ministry
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How can you effectively lead a team of volunteers if there are more than 10?

If you're most people, you can't. Most of us have a span of care of about 10 people. More than that, and we're not going to connect with, care for, serve and lead them well. In order to effectively lead more than 10 volunteers, we need a structure where volunteers take leadership roles and lead teams of volunteers themselves, just like a staff person would.

In many churches, this role is called a Coach. In this webinar, we talked about how to recruit and implement Coaches in your ministry. Whether you currently have coaches and want to empower them more, or you want to build from scratch, this webinar replay will help. The goal with Coaches is to empower them to lead like staff and this webinar replay will help you begin doing that.

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