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Free Webinar: Innovative Solutions to Solving Your Greatest Staffing Problems
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If you lead staff, you probably have challenges:

  • You probably feel under-staffed (who doesn’t?)
  • You probably have some staff who are under-performing
  • You probably have some staff who seem to be the wrong fit for their role (or the team)
  • You probably have staff that aren’t (or won’t) work together
  • You probably have some silos, ministry areas that are moving in different directions

Yeah, leading staff is hard.

In this webinar, we talked about a solution to 90% of your staffing problems, but the solution is NOT intuitive. We talked about staffing structure. We’ve found that getting people in the right role, a role that plays to their strengths. Interestingly, the roles that may push your team to new levels may not even exist in your ministry. We discussed an innovative approach to staffing structure and staff roles that could change everything for your ministry.

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