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Free Webinar: Leading Ministry With The 4 Disciplines of Execution Model
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Do you struggle to get everything done in ministry?

We all do and for good reason. Ministry is never done. However, some things we give time and energy to are more important than other things. How do we make sure the most important things get prioritized in the right way and actually get done?

In this webinar that was hosted by Ministry Boost, we talked about how to use the 4 Disciplines of Execution Model in Leading Ministry. We talked about principles from the book (affiliate link) and how you can use this popular method to turn strategy into results. Specifically, we heard from a team of folks at LCBC Church in Manheim, PA about how they use the 4DX model in their church. LCBC has 14 campuses across Pennsylvania and has used the 4DX model across the entire church for the last 2 years.

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