Recruiting volunteers is a crucial aspect of running a successful church or ministry. While we often focus on direct factors that impact volunteer recruitment, we often overlook the indirect factors that play a significant role. One such factor is the culture or values of your organization. In this blog post, we will explore why culture is essential and how it can greatly influence your ability to recruit volunteers effectively. By intentionally cultivating a healthy volunteer culture, you can attract passionate individuals who are eager to contribute to your mission.

Culture vs. Vision vs. Mission vs. Strategy

When considering the most critical elements in your church or ministry, it's important to prioritize mission, vision, strategy, and culture. While mission and vision form the foundation of your purpose and direction, strategy and culture support and enable them. Although culture may rank lower in terms of importance, it is the first experience people have when they engage with your organization. As the saying goes, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Therefore, it's crucial to pay attention to your culture, as it directly impacts how volunteers perceive your mission, vision, and strategy.

Creating a Healthy Volunteer Culture

To enhance your volunteer recruitment efforts, it's vital to establish a healthy volunteer culture within your church or ministry. Here are four tips to help you cultivate an environment that attracts and retains passionate volunteers.

  1. Create common language and values: Rather than relying solely on generic values, develop unique culture statements that reflect your organization's specific approach and way of doing things. These statements should resonate with your volunteers and create a sense of identity within your community.
  2. Repeat values and phrases often: Consistently reinforce your culture by integrating values and phrases into regular communications. Utilize weekly emails, volunteer huddles, or monthly videos to remind volunteers of your culture and how it aligns with your mission and vision.
  3. Establish a dedicated volunteer room: Designate a space exclusively for volunteers and provide amenities like snacks, drinks, and candy. This room can serve as a central gathering place for volunteers to connect, build relationships, and experience a sense of ownership and camaraderie.
  4. Provide volunteer shirts: Consider investing in shirts for your volunteers. The unified appearance not only creates a sense of team spirit but also signals commitment and pride in their service. Sharing the cost of shirts with volunteers can be a practical way to implement this while staying within budget.


Creating a vibrant volunteer culture within your church or ministry is a game changer for recruiting volunteers. By intentionally shaping and nurturing a culture that aligns with your mission and vision, you can attract and retain passionate individuals who are enthusiastic about contributing to your organization's goals. Remember, culture is the first impression that volunteers experience and it greatly influences their decision to join your team. Implementing the tips outlined in this blog post can help you create a thriving volunteer culture that will positively impact your recruitment efforts.

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