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Webinar: Your Ministry: BOXED

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been a year of ministry innovation like nothing we've seen in our lifetimes! The spring and summer have consisted of creative video distribution, zoom calls, drive-throughs, and whatever else came to mind. However, as we enter into a new school year with uncertainty around re-gathering, a new strategy is beginning to emerge.

Ministry leaders everywhere are beginning to put ministry in a box and into the hands of families.
Boxing ministry may actually be the closest thing to normal in-person ministry we've done yet. Even when we gathered in person, we didn't just rely on video. Kids were able to create, manipulate, and interact as part of their ministry experience. Ministry in a box is a more analog (possibly more human) approach to faith formation that the OVER-DIGITALIZED family needs now more than ever.
Your Ministry: BOXED is a Ministry Boost Webinar we held that will help your church pivot (again) to a personalized ministry that parents and kids can literally put their hands on. In this webinar replay, you'll hear from ministry experts who are pioneering this approach and will cover topics like:
  • Best strategies for getting boxes to every family
  • Best ways for tracking at-home engagement
  • Best ways to get and keep kids excited
  • Best ways to partner with parents through this strategy

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